Monday 2 May 2011

Ian's walnut/cedar soprano ukulele. "Lola"

Here’s the story of a commission I made for a Twitter follower. 

Ian was a dream customer, although I’m a newbie builder, he simply wanted a uke that sounded warm and that I wanted to build.  I'd had this walnut/cedar combo in mind since I started building as I was inspired by a soprano I’d seen in the Southern Ukulele Store, built by a very talented builder called Rob Collins  His ukulele was a walnut/spruce build, but after research, I found that the cedar soundboard would produce a warmer sound; exactly what Ian wanted.

This was a really rewarding build and a massive learning curve for me. The walnut sides didn’t want to take the shape on the first three bending attempts (I was later told that the sides were maybe a little too figured) but 4th time they yielded.

This little beauty now lives with Ian and is called "Lola"

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