Monday 2 May 2011


This 'blog' will be the new home of Cursley Ukuleles from now on.  I’ll be posting stage-by-stage photos of the instruments I build from start to finish; I'll also be uploading photos from previous builds for your viewing pleasure!

I'm a new ukulele builder, having started and completed my first ukulele just last year, a yew tenor with slotted headstock for my good friend Paul Tucker.  Paul runs the 'Southern Ukulele Store' in my hometown of Bournemouth. If you’re ever in Bournemouth, this shop is a must visit, so much stock, sizes and brands to choose from.

Here’s Paul receiving his Cursley Ukulele.


And one of him tuning up... look in the background, so many ukuleles!

Bye for now, I have a mountain of pics to go through and upload for you!


  1. Congrats on getting this started up!

  2. Good to see you blogging dude - good luck with it!

  3. thanks dave, thanks baz.... tbh im quite enjoying sorting out all the photos and getting it all sorted.. :)